Economic And Non-Economic Damages Due To Motorcycle Accident- A Brief Guide

If you have recently undergone a motorcycle accident and want to make a claim, then enter the best motorcycle accident lawyer near me in your web browser and you will find a long list of lawyers available out there. But you need to find the one who can assess your economic as well as non-economic damages due to the accident, and make a claim accordingly. Here, we will talk about both these types of damages that you have to undergo during a motorcycle accident.

Economic Damages

Basically, economic damages refer to the expenses that you need to bear due to damage and injuries. When you find the best car accident lawyer near me through the web browser, they will primarily assess these damages. These include the following:

  • Property damage: Damage caused to your motorcycle is mainly determined as property damage. If your motorcycle hit something during the accident, that will also be considered as property damage. Look online for the best truck accident lawyer near me who can add up this damage to determine your accident claim.


  • Medical expenses: These expenses cover any money you spent on your injuries caused due to the accident, including medicines, rehabilitation, healthcare, and medical devices like wheelchair, crutches, etc. 



  • Loss of income: While you were injured due to the accident, you were not able to do your work. This must have led to loss of income for a few days. Some injuries are so severe that you are not able to go back to work for months. So, the loss of income caused due to the accident can also be included in the claim.


Non-Economic Damages

While economic damages are easy to calculate, non-economic damages are subjective and are hard to measure. Such non-economic damages include the following:

  • Suffering and pain caused during the accident and after that due to any injuries
  • Mental torture you had to go through after the accident
  • Humiliation you had to face 
  • Loss of happiness and enjoyment in life
  • Irritation and feeling of dissatisfaction due to loss of wages
  • Any handicap, disfigurement or scar you got for life due to the accident
  • Emotional stress due to pain disfigurement
  • Loss of money in the future due to injury sustained by the accident
  • Death of a family member in the accident
  • Stress, depression and anxiety you face as a result of the accident

Calculating non-economic damage after a motorcycle accident is quite challenging, and there can be plenty of room for disagreements. To prove the authenticity of your non-economic damage, you will need an expert and experienced lawyer who can support your testimony and calculate your damages. 


If you have undergone a motorcycle accident recently, then you have all the right to recover both your economic as well as non-economic damages caused due to suffering and injuries. Seeking advice of a proficient law firm can help in determining what claims can be filed. Nakase Law Firm can be highly effective in protecting your interests and rights as a victim of an accident. Get in touch with them and book a consultation now.

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