Dos and Don’ts of taking care of your diamond jewelry

Diamonds are always associated with a sense of romanticism. The captivating shimmer of the diamond is often associated with elegance, charm, and expression of love. And while its one of the most popular stones to convey love – it is also one of the rare stones and thus is an expensive stone too.

And as much expensive this wondrous gemstone is, Diamond jewelry requires much love and care to always be in their glamorous revering state. No matter if you hoard a heritage of diamonds or have just bought diamond rings online – here are some of the Do’s and Don’t’s of taking care of your diamond jewelry!

Do invest in quality over quantity

Diamonds come with their purity scale and size meter. The larger, the purer, the better. Rather than investing in too many small diamonds, its always a better option to buy one in a bigger size. The rarer and the larger the diamond is – the better is its value. If you are opting for a budgeted buy, smaller diamonds fit into budgets. But quality should always be given preference.

Don’t Use Chemicals

Often as we purchase new diamond jewelry we get obsessed with its shine and glamour so much that we try all possible ways to keep it clean and shining. One of the best ways to ensure that diamonds stay in their natural and beautiful state is to keep them away from chemicals. Make sure you don’t use any chemical, liquid detergents, cleaning agents, etc on diamonds to clean them. Cleaning diamonds is sometimes as easy as wiping them off with a clean satin cloth.

Do keep in satin

It is always a mistake to store hard objects into hard objects. Regular wear and tear, and knocking off the diamonds on the surface of hard boxes can dull its shine and cause scratches. Polished diamonds, especially, are susceptible to scratches and dullness when kept in a hard box. It is best to keep diamonds in satin clothes and satin-in-laid boxes. The softness and smooth texture of satin keep diamond in its best form.

Don’t take off the jewelry

Diamonds are rare! Rarity is expensive! It is advised to always secure your diamond jewelry at all times. And the best way to do it is to ensure that you don’t take off the jewelry at any public place. Exercise due care and protection when wearing it or storing it at any place. Unlike imitation jewelry, diamond jewelry requires care and safety.

Do buy insurance on jewelry

A lot of insurance companies extend the services of insuring the expensive things that you own. Diamond jewelry falls under this category. It is always best to get insurance on your jewelry and ensure that in unforeseen circumstances, your money is always protected. Be it about storing the diamond rings and necklaces in the bank lockers or the house – insurance keeps your jewelry covered in case of theft, loss, etc.

Don’t put to rough use

Unlike imitation jewelry, diamond jewelry aren’t made for rough use. Although diamonds are hard rock and aren’t easy to mold or break, with rough use you can dismay the quality and cause it to get a lot of scratches. Wearing diamond jewelry comes with a sense of responsibility. Don’t put it to rough use. Make sure that when wearing, you always wear it with care and don’t put it to rough use.

Don’t let your Latest diamond pendant design succumb to rough use and unprotected storage. Love your diamonds and exercise safety measures to make sure they stay like new always!

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