Do You Need a Garden in Your Home?

Gardens are not just for agriculturists, nature lovers, or green thumbs. It is for everyone who wants to transform their house into a comfortable haven. Garden fountains, flowers, vegetables, and greens are scenery to behold that will not only benefit your eyes but also boost your health. Here are some excellent reasons to have a garden in your home:

You become a green advocate

You can become a green activist by merely having a small patch of green in front of your home. When you have a garden, you can create a compost pile where you can recycle some of your garbage and turn it into a fertilizer for your plants. Reducing your waste and non-usage of chemical-based fertilizers, insecticides, and plant additives do not only save your budget, but it protects the environment.

You have your own food supply

Backyard gardening gives you access to fresh fruits and vegetables. When you grow your own food, you have peace of mind that you are using safe pesticides and fertilizers. You are sure that you plant in a contaminant-free soil and harvest the vegetables at the right time. Home-grown foods are healthier as vegetables in the stores contain fewer nutrients because they are picked early. When you have your vegetable garden, you can take pride in serving fresh and healthy foods that are nurtured by your caring hands.

Gardening is a fun outdoor exercise

Digging, pulling weeds, planting, and harvesting can burn your calories. One hour of gardening can burn up to 330 calories and give your muscles a good workout. If you are not a gym fanatic, 30-minute gardening can be a perfect solution for maintaining a healthy weight.

Your garden can be your Zen

Gardening allows you to connect with nature and delivers you in a state of mindfulness. There’s no better yoga mat than the soft grass under your feet. The warm sweetness of the summer breeze, while you are pruning shrubs and harvesting herbs, can make you feel you calm and relieved.

A quiet corner in your yard with evergreens, pond, or birdbath is a perfect place to get away from the chaos and busyness of modern life. It provides you an escape from your computer screen, from the monotone meetings in your office, and the cramped trains during your daily commute. Gnarled and weeping trees can attract bees and birds that are great companions in your soulful adventure. Adding meditation bells that produce gentle and hypnotic sounds will also make you feel protected, safe, and relaxed.

Having a garden does not involve deep science or destiny. You do not have to possess a green thumb, secure a diploma in horticulture or own acres of land. If you are busy or not confident about your gardening skills, some plants are very forgiving. Primary crops and herbs do not require much attention and expertise. One of the most rewarding things that you can do at home is to nurture life and see it grow. You will be amazed by how a small garden in your home can make a massive difference on the entire planet.

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