DMT’S Brain- Bending Science Proves That Natural Source of DMT is Inside Mammalian Body

New insights into how a mammalian brain naturally produces ...

The intake of the Amazonian plant vine ayahuasca has been heralded as a ritualistic practice since many centuries by the innate tribes of the Peruvian rain forests. It is made of charcuna and banisteriopsis caapi and the DMT hallucinogenic effects make it highly intoxicating for many. This is the reason that the usage of ayahuasca has been banned in many countries. However, researches and experiments have shown that the iowaska or ayawaska or yage as it is known by, is instrumental in having a positive effect on many kinds of mental as well as physical ailments.

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The recent study proves that the scientists are taking a lot of efforts and diligence to research on this DMT.   It has a completely hallucinogenic effect on the brain as it reacts with the neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine and creates a subconscious level. As per scientific researches, DMT is manufactured and contained in the pineal glands.  According to scientists, this hallucinogenic component is inside the space that is excessively cellular. The brain tissue has a lot of neurons. It is concluded by the researchers that DMT works as a neurotransmitter and is found in the vesicles within the neurons. The DMT can be produced in the neurocortex if the pineal gland is not there. The first experience was carried out on rats and later on after a lot of researches and studies, the amount of DMT present in the brains and the blood samples of expired human beings were measured by scientists. So it can be concluded that DMT has its origin in the mammalian body as rats and human beings both fall in that category.

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According to the first DMT paper, there were numerous scientific analyses regarding the origin and effect of DMT in the mammalian body.  It is a well known fact that ayahuasca contains this hallucinogenic property which lead people to have dreams and vision like states of altered consciousnesses. People who are depressed or anxious often suffer from low life mental conditions. Many resort to ayahuasca treatment for bettering their life conditions. But you must do thorough research on this plant vine as it can be effective only if taken in the right dosage in the appropriate ambience under the guidance of a trained and ethical shaman. You can check out more guidelines on DMT vision for knowing more.

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