Creative cheerleader fundraisers you should try

Dancing is an art that shows beauty and perfection in the form of action. Compared to many sports activities, you can incorporate dancing in the way of cheering.  However, all cheer squads need to be well funded, making cheerleader fundraisers a necessity.

Cheer dance is trendy in the United States, especially in middle school and high school. While this activity provides fun and excitement to everyone, not everyone is entitled to succeed. Most of the schools are having problems in generating funds to support the necessities of the pep-squad. In this case, raising a fund is the best option to earn some monetary funds for the non-profit organization.  For the best fundraising ideas, check out Fundraising Zone.

The pep-squad dancers need to raise sufficient funds to support their travel expenses, as well as their competition expenses and cheer dance uniforms. In this article, we are going to evaluate four fundraising ideas for your charity organization.

Pep-Squad Dance Event Fundraising Ideas


Dance-a-thon is one of the most excellent fundraising ideas you can organize for your community. Your main goal is to dance continuously for a couple of hours for you to finish the entire activity.

To start this event, you need to set up a large venue. Next, gather your cheer dance team who will serve as dance instructor of the game. Once everything is ready, it’s time to begin the party!

By charging a small fee, everyone can participate in this event. You can set up either an individual or a group pledge. If you consider an individual commitment, each participant can achieve a prize for every hour they spend in dancing.

On the other hand, if you work for a group pledge, all participants must need to pay the registration fee. Also, they can donate cash to support the non-profit charitable event.

Bowling Tournament

One effective way to support your cheering group is to arrange a bowling tournament. You can have a good deal with any bowling services in your community. Collect some percentage of their profit for the benefits of your school association.

Schedule the bowling activity with 2-3 weeks lead time so that the participants will be fully aware of the said event. Announce the game to your community using brochures or through social media. Also, it would be best if you told the exact reason why you’re raising a fund. This action will help everyone to fully understand that the collected funds will benefit your school’s pep-squad.

Prepare cool prizes for the top 3 winners. It will keep everyone motivated to play during the tournament. Inform your cheering squad to prepare a unique dance number to everyone for appreciation.

Lastly, organize a food booth. It will help to ease out the hungry tummies of the bowlers.

Spa Day for your Mommies

Our mom deserves a happy break, love, and relaxation. So, try to host a spa day to your school to show a significant appreciation to your mother. Also, you can raise funds for your cheering team.

Together with your sports and cheering team, set up a mini spa for your school. Assign some students to cut and paint fingernails, while the others can do a hand and head massage. If you want to make it unique, tell your pep-squad dancers to perform a relaxing intermission number. You can choose like classical music dance to help revitalize the mood of the moms.

Set a fixed rate cost for the spa activity. You can charge each mom’s $10-$20 for a one-hour complete relaxation package or ask them for kind donations. Don’t forget to serve them with hot green tea to make the spa a comprehensive and perfect experience.

Parents Night Out

Organizing a parent’s night out is a pretty cool activity to implement in your community. Through this action, mom and dad can catch some private time with each other such as a movie or dinner date.

Together with your cheering squad volunteers, host a drop-off event that can last up to five hours. Make sure to entertain all the kids while mom and dad are having a good night out. You can charge around $20-$40 per kid. Also, inform the parents that foods and beverages for their child are sold separately. You can charge them at a reasonable price to add profit to your cheer dance organization.

These four fundraising events are a very effective way to gather funds for your pep-squad dance team. Keep in mind that whenever you approach someone for their kind donations, always explain to them why you’re raising funds. This simple task can quickly gain their support.

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