Cost of Diamond engagement ring. How much to spend

That’s it, you’ve found your soul mate and you want to ask her to marry her. But now, you do not know how to choose his engagement ring. Follow the guide. Symbol of romantic engagement, the engagement ring is the essential accessory to any marriage proposal. You can go for the diamond and white gold, emerald and platinum, sapphire and yellow gold. It remains to be seen how to choose this ring.

What precious stone?

Traditionally, the diamond is the precious stone chosen for an engagement ring. Symbol of eternity and purity, it is most often ridden alone. Its size, expressed in carat, and its color will determine its price. The clearer the diamond, the purer it is. Its color, and therefore its quality, is noted by a letter, which goes from D (colorless) to Z.

If you want to be a little less conventional, you can opt for another precious stone that will stick more to the tastes or the personality of your partner. Sapphire is one of the best-selling gemstones in the world. Less expensive than diamonds, it symbolizes loyalty and sincerity. She would correspond to rather sentimental people. Deep green, the emerald is the symbol of true love and fertility. Very expensive, this precious stone is also fragile. With its bright red color, ruby is a symbol of passion. It should be reserved therefore for passionate women. Finally, you can also opt for semi-precious stones like aquamarine or a cultured pearl, certainly much less conventional.

If your budget does not allow you to buy a diamond, know that there is an imitation stone called zirconium.

What metal?

As for the material used, the most common is gold.   White gold or yellow gold, even pink gold, it is up to you to see according to the tastes of your partner. 750 thousandths gold is identified by a hallmark in the shape of an “eagle’s head”. In the past, platinum, a gray metal even more precious than gold, was commonly used. You can go for the Alexander Sparks for the perfect ring. We still choose it today but more rarely. Very pure and solid, it is a very luxurious metal, symbol of eternity. To differentiate it from white gold, check the punch in the shape of a “dog head” which identifies platinum 950 thousandths. We are also starting to see titanium or steel rings appear, cheaper but resistant metals. If you have a small budget, you also have the money.

What budget?

On the budget side, it takes a minimum of around $ 700 for a gold engagement ring with a small diamond of 0.10 carat. The price can reach heights with larger and purer stones, mounted on platinum. Obviously, if you opt for silver and zirconiums, the bill will be much lower: less than 100 $.

Exquisite engagement rings- The New Indian Express

How to choose the size of the ring?

Small tip if you do not know the size of your partner’s ring but still want to keep the element of surprise: borrow, without her knowledge, one of the rings she usually wears. Tradition has it that one wears the engagement ring on the left ring finger, the same finger as the wedding ring, while awaiting marriage. So choose the right ring as a model.

How to offer the ring?

There are a thousand and one ways to offer an engagement ring from the classic romantic dinner to the most eccentric request, before parachuting for example. Some wish to reunite the two families and friends to celebrate the engagement together.

Average cost of the engagement ring

One thing is certain: diamonds are always an important investment. So far The Knot’s 2018 Real Nettings study, the average costs of engagement rings is currently $ 5,680. Although this number was slightly reduced compared to spending on the engagement ring in 2017 ($ 6,351), it remains fairly high (for reference, the average costs of engagement rings in 2011 was 5,095 $).

Engagement ring calculators, which are downright ridiculous and have only marginal utility, try to help you decide how much you are going to spend on an engagement ring by collecting information about your income, lifestyle and debt / asset relationship. And, of course, there is one who wants to know how attractive your partner is to make a decision. Farewell. If you want to use an engagement ring calculator to determine an approximate budget, continue, but avoid the silly versions. Best of all; read some helpful (and legitimate) tips for determining how much you should personally spend on the right engagement ring.

It is logically chosen according to your means, your lifestyle, offering an overpriced ring that requires you to go into debt is as bad tone as offering a simple ring on a low budget if you can afford it.

For the person who will offer the ring, the financial aspect is very important and the tradition of “spending” a lot on the engagement ring is tenacious and more often than not it is a big investment to please the chosen one. His heart and show him the love they have for him.

Not easy if you win a Smic. But there is no obligation; it depends on your means and your priorities. The purchase of a ring should not be done on a purely financial criterion, but it is important to define a budget and to specify it at the time of the purchase so that the choice remains in the field of the possible. In fact it is not compulsory to spend a lot of money to have a quality diamond.


The prices are given as an indication because each precious stone is unique and the prices are constantly evolving. Some would be ready to go into debt, others deprive themselves for months, the world of jewelry to succeed in convincing that it was necessary to spend 2 months of salary but love cannot be bought and it is beautiful well the intention that counts. Now you just have to choose the perfect diamond for your engagement ring.

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