Cheerleading Fundraiser Ideas that Work

Carol Graham

Cheerleading is not only fun but also motivates team players to give out their best during a game. It’s not an easy task to form a cheerleading squad, much more in keeping up with its expenses. Cheerleaders need costumes and uniforms, and these fancy outfits aren’t cheap. There are also additional expenses like travel expenses, tournament fees, and food. However, maintaining a cheerleading squad doesn’t need to be that difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun ways to organize a cheerleading fundraising activity.  Here are a few cheerleading fundraiser ideas:

Cheerleading Fundraising has to be Fun

Cheerleading is fun and so the cheerleading fundraising has to be the same. The fundraising process doesn’t have to be complicated and always remember to include fun and enjoyment in your campaigns. Remember that participants and volunteers are giving up their time and effort, so it is necessary to make the campaign rewarding to them. So, how would you make your fundraiser not just fun but a lot more fun?For help with your cheer fundraising, visit Fundraising Zone.

3 Simple Ways to Collaborate Fun in your Cheerleading Fundraising

    • Consider doing fun activities.
    • Mix together fundraising, food, and fun.
    • Be grateful to supporters, volunteers, and participants.

Consider Doing Fun Activities

Fun activity will not just give participants a rewarding experience but a memorable one as well. If volunteers and participants so much enjoyed the fundraiser, it is more likely they will participate again on your next fundraiser. The key here is to make them remember the fun more than the hard work.

There are plenty of ideas that you can think of to have a fun and memorable fundraising activity. One of them is the summer cheer clinic fundraiser, which will involve the whole squad giving a clinic for younger girls. Isn’t it fun and exciting to let young girls experience the exhilarating life of a cheerleader?

So how does this cheerleading fundraising activity work? Just like any other clinics done during the summer, students who sign up will be charged a fee. The number of sign ups will depend on how promotion is implemented, and this will be a determining factor on how much you can raise.

The squad can also do some side income by selling cheering uniforms to the young girls who enroll in the summer clinic. This way, you will have an advanced promotion for the next year’s cheer clinic fundraiser. The uniforms make a memorable token as well. There are more ways to raise additional funds while doing the summer clinic, you just have to be creative.

Mix Together Fundraising, Food, and Fun

So you had fun doing the summer cheer clinic, then what’s next? Mixing together fundraising, food, and fun is a surefire way of raising enough money to support your cheerleading squad. Aside from selling uniforms to the student cheerleaders, why not think of ways to sell snacks? Attending summer clinics is fun, but the activities will surely make the students and accompanying parents thirsty, hungry, and exhausted.

How would you benefit from this and raise some more funds? Organize a snack fundraiser to support your cheer clinic fundraiser. You can sell any snack you can think of. It can be gourmet popcorn, homemade cookies, and don’t forget to sell refreshing drinks to rehydrate everyone. This way, you could maximize your cheerleading fundraising by mixing together fun, food, and a handful of fundraisers.

Be Grateful to Supporters, Volunteers, and Participants

Being grateful shows your integrity to the people who helped in the success of the cheerleading fundraising. You can never thank your supporters and participants enough, but still saying thank you and speaking heartfelt words will make them feel much appreciated. There are also other ways of showing gratefulness to supporters and participants.

Investing a small amount of money for small tokens can mean a lot to the people you are thankful for. It can be anything from a simple thank you card to a framed picture of the cheerleading squad with your supporters. You can think of almost any token you can afford to give. Just keep in mind to give tokens that will make them remember your fundraiser.


Cheerleading fundraising is meant to be fun. Of course, organizing a fundraiser can be tiring but if your cheer squad focuses on your goals, they will never feel exhausted. It’s just like when the cheerleading squad is performing for the games. They perform as if they never get tired. The cheerleaders still manage to wear a smile despite the exhausting cheers and dance. Keep in mind that if your cheer group loves to perform, they should also learn to love organizing a successful cheerleading fundraising.

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