Get the roof repair you need


You need a strong, tough, durable roof to keep the elements out of your home. The cold, dampness, and extreme temperatures that occasionally sweep through Texas must not be allowed to enter your home. One of the key measures to maintaining a level of comfort in your home is keeping […]

Can you live in a public storage unit?

Paul Petersen

People don’t typically strive to become homeless. It’s not something we wake up one day and say, “Wow, I want to become homeless today.” But, unforeseen circumstances come up and becoming homeless may become a harsh reality. Maybe you’ve recently lost your job, or you’re in the midst of selling […]

What is a storage unit auction?

Carol Graham

A storage unit can be a blessing if you do not have enough room in your home to store items. And, for a small monthly fee, you can typically get a great deal on a lot of extra space. But, what happens if you become delinquent on your monthly rent? […]

Understand the basics of venetian plaster


Venetian plaster is used for creating remarkable plaster finishes. Venetian plaster is designed in a manner that it is plastered in thin coats. You can use more than one coat to get the desired effect. Upon application they give a smooth and shiny surface and hence are also referred as […]

What Type of Flooring Should I Install?

Carol Graham

There is no right or wrong type of flooring to install, but certainly there are some flooring materials better suited for specific areas of the home. Essentially, while personal taste and preference matter, homeowners must consider form, functionality, maintenance and return on investment if selling in the near future. With […]

Top 3 Multi-Purpose Ways To Build A Garden Room


Garden room is going to be built in your house, in your garden space. So, your choice is paramount in the design and development of this space. This small extra space at your garden but within your home premises can be designed into a multi-purpose solution to get more off […]

7 easy tips for selecting the ideal personal wardrobe!

Carol Graham

Planning & designing your bedroom is an extremely personal experience, because that happens to be your most private zone. Your bedroom needs attention to detail, and one of the critical elements in that context is the wardrobe. Most homes don’t have a separate dressing room, obviously because of space constraints, […]

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