Best WhatsApp spy app to monitor your employee’s companies owned devices

Business organizations consist of employees and digital devices these days and without the devices, it is impossible to get productive and other digital operations of the business. Therefore, business owners provide the best digital devices to the workforce to get the best possible outcomes. Besides, companies owned devices also happen to very effective for communication between the employees and as well as employers communicate with their employees in working hours. Therefore, instant messaging apps are necessary for companies’ owned mobile phones and tablets for having free communication.

WhatsApp is a kind of instant messenger that is available on every business owned smartphone and tablet. So, employers, these days are desperately want to monitor employees’ companies owned cellphones and tablets to spy on the communication and activities on the social networking app. You will get to know whether the communication on WhatsApp between the employees is productive, a waste of time or something happening fishy. So, employers have to get their hands on the best WhatsApp spy app to track employees‘ company’s owned devices.

How to get WhatsApp monitoring app to spy on employees’ activities on devices?

Suppose you want to do surveillance on companies owned digital gadgets such as tablets and mobile phones installed WhatsApp social messaging then you need to have cellphone spy software initially. Once you have got it then you will have the tools that empower you to track WhatsApp activities to the fullest. Therefore, you have installed a mobile phone tracking app on employee’s devices. Let’s get to know how you can do it.

Step1: Subscribe for cell phone monitoring app online

Employers need to use their digital phones and tablets initially that should be connected to the internet. Furthermore, use the web browser and go to the official webpage of the phone spying software. Moreover, you need to get a subscription online and when you have got it then login to your email and get the credentials in terms of password and login ID.

Step2: Get employees devices into possession for a while

Now get your hands on the devices such as mobile and tablets provided to the employees and start the installation process. However, one thing you should keep in mind that gets a subscription ofemployee monitoringapp with the accordance of the OS of the target device. Once you have completed the process of installation to the fullest then you need to activate it on target cellphone or tablet.

Step3: Use Credentials & get access to the web control panel

You can use the credentials that you have procured after the subscription via an email sent to you. You can use the login ID and password and get access to the online control panel of the mobile phone surveillance app. Furthermore, get access to all the monitoring tools and use the tools of WhatsApp surveillance software.

Use WhatsApp tracking app tools -powered by phone tracking software

Live screen recording

Being an employer you want to know the activities of employees on digital devices installed WhatsApp social media app, then you should use live screen recorder software. It empowers you to record live screen activities of employees in terms of short videos of the screen in series. You can watch the live screen recorded videos by getting access to the online control panel. The short recorded videos will tell you all types of communication happen.

Social media messenger spy app

You can use this particular tool on the target device installed WhatsApp and get access to it remotely to get the social messaging app logs. You can get the logs of WhatsApp in terms of text messages, text conversations, audio-video conversations, video, and photos sharing and last but not the least logs of WhatsApp voice messages.


You can remotely get access to the target device installed instant messenger WhatsApp and capture screenshots by sending multiple commands at once. You will capture screenshots of WhatsApp activities and get to know what employees are doing on WhatsApp installed on the company’s devices.


Employers have to look after these days’ communication of employees on the company’s owned installed WhatsApp messenger. It will enable employers what sort of communication employees are doing and get to know whether it is productive or just a waste of time.

Written by April Wilcox

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