Best 7 Ways to Get More Reviews for Your business

Customer reviews carry a persuasive power that most marketing strategies can’t match. They play a notable role in the decision-making process of many customers. Although there are many other aspects to consider when shopping, it’s no doubt that they are an excellent source of information on products and businesses.

For this reason, it’s vital to show customer satisfaction through on your website. They integrate all reviews and will rank you as the best seller of the year, with only a few positive reviews on your site.

Here are ways that you can employ to gather more customer reviews:

  1. Use different spaces for reviews.

Some customers may not visit your site, but you can still make them learn about your business. How is this possible? Create other spaces for reviews and ensure that they get to know about your business no matter where they are conducting their online search. There are third-party sites that people use to learn about business and products, take advantage of them to showcase your products.

  1. Use social media to your advantage.

Social media platforms like Facebook can help you promote your business and products to potential clients. Set up a Facebook page and post high-quality images of different products in your store. This way, you’ll not only get clients for your products but will also get reviews. Moreover, have someone monitor incoming messages and respond to them instantly.

  1. Ask for reviews from customers.

Request your loyal customers to review your products. Let them share their success stories and give details on how your products solved their problem. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, but don’t overdo it. It may make you look desperate and adversely impact on your credibility.

  1. Conduct face-to-face interviews

Some of your clients may refuse to fill questionnaires or submit reviews due to their inability to write well. So, it’s also good to interview them and take notes. Once though, ask them to approve the text, edit it and post it on your website.

  1. Post reviews of related businesses/ products

Post reviews of other business and their products; this identifies you as a business owner and will gain you more reputation. This way, you remind clients of your company, and they may purchase or share their opinions about your products and services.

  1. Customize your Amazon page

Many shoppers search for products on Amazon, so if you’re a seller on Amazon, customize your page and have it talk about your products just like your website does. Amazon has many results for different searches, and shoppers are lily to spot your products when searching on the platform.

  1. Content optimization

When shoppers visit your site, make it easier for them to leave reviews. Optimize the site, blog posts, emails as well as social profiles, and this will provide accessible avenues for writing reviews. For instance, set up website badges to direct visitors to your Facebook and Amazon review pages.

The bottom line

Every seasoned entrepreneur understands the role of customer reviews for the success of a business.  Without reviews and ratings, it won’t be easy to persuade buyers to purchase your products. To build your brand credibility, and boost sales, employ different strategies, and have shoppers review your products.

Written by Paul Petersen

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