Are You Ready for Your Tantric Massage?

Massage therapy has a long history and it has a huge impact on curing humans of certain kinds of physical issues. There are several types of massages are there that you can get as per your necessity and the therapist will study your condition and provide the best treatment to you. But, there are three main types of massages that are common. Those are the chair massage, the Swedish massage, and the deep tissue massage.

The chair massage is a full body treatment that is done when you are sitting on a chair. The benefit of chair massage is to remove stress from your muscles and thus making you energetic for the next go. But, the effect of a chair massage doesn’t stay long and that’s why, for better results, you need to get Swedish massage or deep tissue massage.

Swedish massage got its name as it was invented in Sweden in 1812. This massage is done for full-body relaxation. Here, you need to lie on your belly on a table without your clothes and the massage is done throughout your body. The therapist uses aromatic oil and massages your body with gentle and longer strokes.

On the other hand, the deep tissue massage is quite strong on your muscles as it is done for curing you of chronic pain, muscle tension, sports injuries, and other medical conditions. In this therapy, your therapist concentrates on the deeper muscles of your body. After the session, you may feel pain throughout your body for a day or two, but it is done for your good as the problems will go away after this massage.

But, there is another type of sensual massage which is different from these three massages and Avena’s teaching will tell more about this massage. It is known as Tantric Massage. As per the theory of this massage, it is done to build a bridge between sexual energy and spiritual love. The theory says when a person feels the energy of orgasm in his brain, he can have the transcendental experience.

After going through certain hardships in personal life, Avena tried to heal from her sexual wounds of the past. In this effort, she started studying Tantra and discovered the way of experiencing full-body orgasm through breathing techniques and meditation. At Avena’s center in Singapore, not only the couples attend the sessions of Tantric healing, but single people also experience the breathing technique and mediation out of curiosity.

Written by Carol Graham

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