4 Things to Keep You Entertained During Lockdown

Things to do at home to keep entertained during the coronavirus ...

We are living through some fairly unprecedented times globally right now. Covid-19 has left many residents in many questions under lockdown from their governments in order to keep them protected from this fast-spreading and potentially dangerous virus. 

While most of you will fully understand the need for this and will cooperate for the greater good, you will probably admit that life can get quite boring. Being restricted in this way does leave us with fewer options when it comes to entertainment. There are only so many movie marathons we can endure, games of monopoly we can play and books we can read before life can get frustrating.

For that reason, we have put together a short list of a few other things that you can do to help fill the time.


While this might not sound like the most enjoyable way to pass the time – sitting still for extended periods of time, you will quickly start to realise the benefits. Many of us are stressed out by what is happening and rather than sending ourselves crazy with worry, we should be using calming therapies such as meditation to take our minds to a calmer place. 

Do not worry if you know little about meditation as you will find plenty of free resources online that will be able to help. You will find tons of videos on sites such as Youtube that will suit beginners. 

Have a Night Out/In With Your Friends on Google Hangouts

One of the most testing things about being in the lockdown is that we cannot go and have a good time with our friends and family. Did you know however, that it is easy to set up Google Hangouts so that you and up to ten of your friends can all talk and view each other via a video conference? 

As long as you all have internet and a camera on your computer or mobile device, you can chat, share a few drinks and generally just socialize without needing to leave your home. 

Play at an Online Casino

We are not going to suggest that you start throwing silly money away by playing at an online casino. Times might be hard and gambling is never a surefire way to replace an income. However, many online casinos will allow you to play free games or at the very least, some very low stakes games. 

There are some fantastic games that you can enjoy too. Slot games, table games and video poker games are all waiting for you at the many online casinos. One of our favourites is the Mr Good slot by NextGen. You can check out this blog to learn more about that excellent slot title. 

Embrace the Lockdown

To sum up, rather than letting yourself get down or the frustrations to get to you, you should be doing all you can to stay positive during these testing times. Keep yourself and your loved ones as occupied and as active as possible. Before you know it, this will all blow over and life can once again return to normal.

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