4 common interview questions asked in aerospace engineering

While a work experience and a degree is essential for getting hired in aerospace companies, there is also a need to have a basic idea on some of the questions asked by the interviewer on the interview day. Interview round is essential and it is the final stage to get your dream job. An aerospace engineer needs to carry out a lot of essential work including military and government work which includes- developing aircraft and satellite, designing projects for the purpose of national security and defense etc. Anyone who wants to join this field needs to have capability and potentiality to crack the interview. Therefore, here listed are few questions that can help you to know some of the important interview questions.

  1. What are the responsibilities of an aerospace engineer?

The first question that many of the aerospace companies might ask is the daily responsibility of an aerospace engineer. However, the daily responsibility will vary from one industry to the other. Usually the responsibilities of an engineer include- manufacturing aerospace products, check out the designs, analyze proposals to ensure that they are technically and financially practicable.  The applicants need to say that there are two branches in this field- aeronautical and astronautical engineering. So when you are going for the interview round, make sure that you mention this and then describe the responsibilities as per the job. The question is general but needs to be cleverly answered.

  1. Why do you want to work with us?

One of the common questions asked by the aerospace companies is why do you want to work with us. The probability of this question is even higher in this case because it is a complex field. The interviewer is keen to know why the applicant wants to work with them. They will want to know how did you come across their company or who has given the reference. The applicant needs to ensure that he/she is trying to work with the company for a long term only.

  1. What do you know about our company?

For this particular question, the applicant needs to give a very detailed answer. The employer wants to know how much do you know about the company. Your degree is not at all vital but your awareness about the company matters a lot. Properly read their website before going for the interview.

  1. Why did you choose aerospace engineering?

Another question that almost all the aerospace companies might ask you is why you chose this profession. Aerospace engineering is not a common career and therefore the employer wants to know why you want to work as an aerospace engineer.

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