3 Key Fire Detection Devices Needed for An Industrial Kitchen

Carol Graham

Industrial kitchens, such as those inside of restaurants, hotels, or other facilities, require the use of commercial-grade stoves and open flames to prepare their food orders quickly and efficiently. While it can help with getting orders out the door, cooking with an open flame also poses a very high risk for accidents and injuries. Although it is recommended that all staff members know the basics of first aid and fire safety, that knowledge will only help out so much during an actual emergency. Therefore, restaurant owners must have their kitchens equipped with fire detection devices to ensure you are prepared for anything.

The 3 Must-Have Fire Detection Devices All Industrial Kitchens Need

Years ago, industrial kitchens had limits on their options for fire suppression. At that time, most relied on traditional methods such as fire extinguishers that use dry chemicals to diminish the flames. However, most modern industrial kitchens use a variety of cooking methods, such as cooking with gas flames. These methods can be much more challenging to put out using an essential fire extinguisher. That’s why it’s necessary to have the following fire detection devices available or installed for additional help with kitchen fires that are out of control.

Fire Alarm

A reliable fire alarm will let you know about the problem before it gets out of hand. Your industrial kitchen should have commercial fire alarms installed following the regulations for your state or county. These alarms will need to have both sound and light features that will alert anyone nearby of smoke or a possible fire before it starts. Most modern fire alarm systems also feature carbon monoxide detectors as well, which can let you know if the odorless and invisible gas is in the air.

Fire Extinguisher

As we mentioned earlier, you do need more than just a traditional fire extinguisher to put out a fire in an industrial kitchen. But that doesn’t mean these devices are useless in a commercial fire situation. It’s essential to have an extinguisher available as they may help with smaller fires and prevent them from getting even more substantial. These devices should be in a location where they are easy to access, and staff members should receive training on how to use them.

Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems can help to minimize the damage caused by an out of control fire. Since the flames can spread quickly from one room to the next, this is an essential device to have installed in multiple rooms. Sprinkler systems can help keep everyone safe until successfully evacuated. And because they are automatically activated once the room reaches a specific temperature, they can provide immediate assistance for a fire without the assistance of anyone.

While all restaurant employees should practice fire safety to help guarantee there are no severe injuries while cooking, accidents can always happen. Make sure that you and your crew members are always prepared by having these things on hand. To learn more about fire suppression devices, contact the experts at APFE today. Our licensed professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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