10 Best Web Development Blogs to Follow

Clare Louise

Learning is considered as a compulsory phase of our personal drives. People continually explore new things and opportunities in order to advance them. Web design and development is frequently evolving. In such fields there are a lot of ideas, developments, inventions are rapidly coming. This is the reason that current web designers are engaged with new modifications in order to avail innovative skills and ideas. It is the best phase for a web developer to succeed and advance themselves as a professional. Thus if someone is planning to enroll in Becker College’s online web development Bootcamp, this is the best time to initiate your career in this field. However, blogs are considered as the best way of motivation for those who are new in this field or else have been for so long period.

Be On Top of the Web Development Game

All the same, the industry of web development is continuously developing and ever-changing field because of the industrial signs of progress along with open source networking. If people have a desire to become competitive like a web developer, it is essential that you have to update yourself with advance knowledge in such a field. So as to update yourself with such advancement, here is the list of top ten best blogs related to development which you must have to go through.

Smashing Magazine

This magazine elaborates on a number of topics of development and web design that comprises H-T-M-L, web design, Typography, C-S-S, etc. There is a requirement of purchasing a membership card of smashing in order to get accessibility to e-Books. This smashing magazine would not be ignored by web professionals as it is very informative. In order to attain mastery in front-end web development, this blog would be very helpful.


For web developers, SEO, and web designers, this blog of Webpage-fx can be considered. There are so many tutorials available in Webpage-fx which is related to the development and web design. In this blog, there are expert developers and web designer who writes the blog and these writers broadcast new articles in the period of 2-5 days. Those articles are very informative for new website developers and designers who have a desire to advance their knowledge as well as skills. 


This blog is related to the C-S-S, Java Script, U-X design, and so many different beneficial technologies. Specky-boy covers essential associations that are present among the consumers and designers. The blog deals with insightful info that is related to the modifications in web technology. Developers of front-end have access to avail crucial info particularly advanced news from the field respectively.


However, the main focus of the One-xtra-pixel blog is on developing and designing websites. The material of the One-xtra-pixel blog is considered as the corresponding significance that by the end of the day, there is only one single aim that is the formation of the best web. It offers articles, tutorials along with so many different beneficial means. The following are the key topics that would be deliberated in this blog such as C-S-S, graphics, tool kits, digital media, word press, in addition to design.

Mockplus Blog

All the same, the emphasis of this blog is mainly on tools of prototyping. Mockplus has sufficiently and prosperity resources and several other web design prototypes that would be considered as most helpful in the creation of web development. Although, Mockplus emphasis is on prototyping so the content certainly encourages other web designers. Understanding the blog might be a base for web designers particularly by take initiative with the design of the prototype.

Code Condo

However, the best community for developers and designers is the Code condo. Code condo collects, realizes, and shares valued news, features so many guidelines, tutorials, broadcast, as well as tools that are associated with development and design, along with so many different topics that would encourage you.


It features blogs which include topics such as the usual practice of Java Script, page animation, formation of the picture, UI design along with so many other topics. Codrops offer feasibility in order to remain with the advanced digital trends. Moreover, it deals with a number of tutorials, playground of website development experiment, blueprints, along with a reference of CSS.


At the same time, the function of this blog is web designing and web development. However, it likewise offers guidelines, tutorials, motivation and tools for the person who reads the blogs. On a daily basis, team members frequently seeking for development topics and trending website design for their readers. However, Design-Web-Kit act as a team with top designers of industry, professionals who researched well and make valued and beneficial content. 

Matt Might

All the same, Matt Might covers a huge variety of topics (that are not related to programming), systematized by heading on the main page. An individual has access to read such articles with functional programming, efficiency, programming languages, assembling, with so many. Particularly, those articles are written in obvious as well as comprehending language. 


Scotch.io deals with a number of content which includes posts, glossary, and courses. Most of the readers like the lengthy posts of a tutorial that are very detailed make emphasize enabling a complete understanding of tools along with procedures that are discussed previously. A lot of tutorials would allow you to generate somewhat in real-time (or else done with some other task). While reading the blog you like something, there are full courses frequently track with greater understanding.

Final Thoughts

So it is concluding that there are the above-mentioned blogs of web development which are discussed in order to motivate individuals to enhance their skills and turn out their selves in a well-qualified in your industry. As a developer or a designer, one has to uphold a learning mindset all the time. Likewise, with the help of learning, sooner or later you would become a professional in your relevant field accordingly.


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